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Generally speaking I actively avoid talking about "my philosophy". However, wedding couples seem to appreciate knowing a bit about how their photographer works, so here goes.
I am friendly but discreet. I don't use flash and my cameras can be set to a silent mode, so you won't hear me, even in the middle of a service. I will not need to disrupt the flow of the day and I don't ask people to pose. I make an exception for the group shots, which I do in novel ways, and the bride and groom portraits, which I suggest doing later in the day when the light is likely to be better and you might appreciate a brief bit of time together away from the party.
To answer that perennial question of "how many shots", the answer is that for a full day, roughly between 300-500. I believe in only giving photographs that I genuinely think you will want to look at. I also avoid particularly "on-trend" processing styles, as there is a risk such images may rapidly look dated. I believe a simple and classic look will endure.
I don't offer "second shooters". There is no need for this, and speaking bluntly it is only wanted by people who think more is better. The only logistical justification for it is to cover bride and groom getting ready if they are doing it quite far apart, but I believe the world will continue to turn without shots of groomsmen sipping their Budweisers while suiting up. For everything else, one person is more than enough.
And finally: what gear do I use? I use cameras. That's all you need to know. They are good cameras. They are not "professional" cameras, because there is no such thing: the photographer is the professional, not the camera.
So, wedding couples: just relax. The point of hiring a professional whose work you like is that you know that your photography is in good hands. So please, just get on with enjoying your day, knowing that you'll have my photos to remember it for years to come.

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